On Top of the World!

by Jeff Titcomb on July 7th, 2012

I realize that the elevation is only 7,232 feet above sea level but the view seems like it's the top of the world.
A few times this year I've had the opportunity to make the drive up to the Mt. Hough fire lookout station and Crystal Lake. What a Wonderful spot to go and leave the troubles of daily life behind.
I Love everything about this drive up China Grade from Taylorsville or Emigrant Grade off of Arlington Road near Taylorsville, California. I go at different times of the year when snow has melted and made way for the greenery, and man does it get Green! The Summer creeps on slowly and lets us peek at wildflower blooms little by little. All of the types of flowers are there along the way, lillies, paintbrushes, mules ears, and tons of wild lupines in varying shades of purple!
I like to look back and see my ascent from the valley floor to the top of the mountain, where the lookout is and then walk to the edge of the cliff and the turquoise blue-green waters of Crystal Lake comes into view. In the picture you see here I escorted some visitors of The Hideaway Motel and Lodge to Crystal Lake and I can see by their faces that it was a Big surprise to look over the edge and witness the Stunning Beauty of Crystal Lake and Indian Valley below with the Genesee Valley to the right, and then turn to the left and see the blue waters of Lake Almanor, and Lassen Peak in the distance!
As we descended the steep trail down to the sandy beaches below, right next to the lake we were impressed with the scenery of the mountains, trees and sometimes wildlife that exists in this special place, as last time I saw a cinnamon colored Black Bear eating grubs from a stump. It's not unusual to witness great creatures of the mountains here, close to water, and part of a wildlife game preserve. As visitors we were struck by the great distances that we could see in all directions. On the hike down the trail we could see the plant life growing in Round Valley Lake, closest to us and then the other Great features lined up in the distance.
It's important to share our Stunning places of natural beauty with our Guests as they come to visit and spend part of their lives with us in this Special place. In the picture above you'll see my Guests as they celebrate an Anniversary and a Birthday in one of the most spectacular places that Plumas County has to offer. Tourism and Recreation are such a large part of our Economy here and we need to make sure the Guests come and have a Wonderful time.
I am Blessed to be able to serve others, share my vision and special places, and Love and Respect Nature in all of its forms given to us!

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Dolly Jaynes - July 7th, 2012 at 6:15 PM
Such a beautiful place, we spent a week camping there about 15 years ago. Wish we could be there now!

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