Shopping Local is so Natural.

by Jeff Titcomb on August 19th, 2012

I don't even question where to go to buy things I need. My local stores and service providers have so many of the items I need on a daily basis. I find myself in Evergreen Market almost everyday and most days twice a day. I need to eat, right, so where else would I go. I find the convenience of my local store the big draw for me as well as the Great, Friendly Service I get from my friends and neighbors that work there. It really has a sense of Community that exists around Evergreen Market, Lupine's, Anna's Cafe, Main Street Dinner House, and Mountain Valley Pizza. These stores and Eateries are the places we gather and communicate about our little towns and what's new, or what's happening now. It's easy to go buy gas and goodies at Nellz Towne Pump and I find my lunch here when on the run. I find myself with car troubles occassionally, needing tires or maintenance, and the Mohawk Trading Company of Greenville always has what I need, either in a technician to fix my car or a set of used tires in the sizes I need to keep me running, until those Winter studded ones need to go on. ;)  I like to shop with my Friends, Family, and Neighbors. They're all so kind and nice, and are really concerned about getting exactly what I need for my specific reasons.
I like to travel around Indian Valley and have a meal out in Genesee at the Genesee Deli and Bistro, or stop in Taylorsville and buy an Awesome steak at Young's Market. I get my haircut in Taylorsville every month and Love to see what's new in Crescent Country, in the Quaint little town of Crescent Mills on my way. The reason I live here is to enjoy a slower pace of the country life and enjoy those unique businesses that make this place Wonderful. I hope you'll find it easy to support your local retailers and enjoy the unique qualities of each little place that make the Indian Valley Special.

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