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Writing has been part of my life since I learned how to scratch words on paper. My first composition, at age six, was “The Long Pencil and the Short Pencil,” a 250-word opus that came to a pointless end. It is the Sierra and the threats to its fragile beauty that steered me back to writing, now with a focus on science and the environment.  I seek out stories that weave together people, places and the puzzles that confront us in a rapidly changing climate.  My favorite assignments are following scientists into the fields of their expertise: California condor specialists in the bald mountains of southern California; soil scientists in remote southwestern Tanzania; seabird scientists on islands off the coast of Baja, California; biologists charting radiation in Chernobyl; giant tortoise specialists in Galapagos. 

I return from these adventures to write from the quiet of an office in a century-old building in Plumas County, California, the heart of the Feather River headwaters.  The only turmoil is the occasional jolt of a log truck rattling my second-story walls as it passes through town.


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